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Paul Larkin

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nescient it services is the trading name of Paul Larkin. I started business on my own in 2004 but have worked with IT or computers since 1993. I have never been happier than now, working for myself and actually getting some time with my family!

I bring a friendly, focused and structured approach to Information Technology and have had wide experience working in private, public, voluntary and not-for-profit environments. I have been responsible for significant IT initiatives working to tight deadlines and service level agreements in large and small organisations and for residential customers. I take pride in the fact that I am well known for leading the way in good customer care and for turning complex computer and information systems around.

I have built up a list of over 1000 clients (mainly by word of mouth recommendation) and the large majority of my customers work and live within 20 miles of my office in Eastbourne. However, If you are outside of this area I may still be able to help - contact me....

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Define Nescient...

nescient  /ˈnɛsɪənt/


nescient (plural nescients)

  1. an ignorant person;
  2. an unbeliever holding that only material phenomena can be known and knowledge of spiritual matters (the unmeasurable) or ultimate causes is impossible.


  1. ignorant;
  2. unlearned, unbelieving.

"I ventured into the new Korean restaurant with some equally nescient companions"


Origin of the word nescient

Late Middle English: from Latin nescient- ‘not knowing’, from the verb nescire, from ne- ‘not’ + scire ‘know’