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IT Health


Just like a human, your tech stuff will run better if it is looked after well. We can provide a "full medical" for your gadgets!

We can come to your house to perform the "examination" or will gladly take it back to our "clinic". This HealthCheck ensures that your device is running as fast and efficiently as possible.

For example a computer HealthCheck includes:

Malware Check

Part of the nescient it services computer HealthCheck is to safely find and eliminate any malicious software (malware) you may have on your computer.

Don't do it!

Malware is  Malicious Software...

...that may be of a criminal or fraudulent nature and may cause damage to important files that you have. Malware spreads in different ways, but it is almost always not invited.


Malware is widespread...

...while some malware is comparable to a "minor sniffle", other malware can be more "deadly". In fact, some malware lays dormant until it is triggered by a certain event or date.

Malware is unsolicited software that installs without your consent. It may be able to track what you are doing and send this information - again without you knowing - to another computer or server. Some malware programs collect user information for undisclosed and illegal purposes. Information such as your bank account number, credit card number or any other personal information can be gathered. If we find any software that is potentially unwanted then we will remove it for you with your consent.

Clutter Check

Over time your PC creates lots of temporary files to remember information. Often these are not removed after use and will clutter up and slow down your computer. These files often build up from bad software installation or removal, any use of the internet and Windows® swap files (files that Windows® uses to help it manage the information that it needs to operate).

By removing any leftover files your computer will gain extra space to store more important things as well as make the computer quicker at accessing the files you use.

We will remove any unwanted software from your PC. Whether it is that annoying game that "your nephew installed last time he visited", or an application that you no longer have a licence for and want removed.

Cleanliness Check (As Required)

The hardware inside your computer is very sensitive to heat, dirt and static electricity and can become unstable or damaged from extensive build up of any of these factors.

Without the proper tools and equipment the inside of your PC can be damaged just by touching an internal component. To avoid overheating and build-up of dirt inside the PC, we can clean both the internal and external components to ensure your PC is safe and reliable.

Hard Disk Check

When you save, delete or copy files on your PC, the computer finds any available space on the computer to store the file. After a while your computer will slow down as it spends more time trying to find space or retrieve information. It will be in need of a therapy session to straighten itself out!

We will rectify this problem so that the computer will operate more efficiently, ensuring that the Hard Disk is free of errors or defects as appropriate.

Preventative Checks

PC's are like humans and need to have regular check-ups to ensure that they work as efficiently as possible. As part of the HealthCheck service we will configure your computer to automatically run maintenance tasks to make sure your computer is running as efficiently as possible, week after week.

Device Report (As Required)

A computer is made up of many parts, each having a specific purpose. When it comes to buying upgrades or software for your PC, it is vital to know if what you are buying will work on your PC. We can provide you with a computer component "quick-reference list" to help you in your decisions.

Technology develops rapidly and you may find that the computer you bought a while ago is no longer capable of running the latest software. Rather than buy a whole new PC, you may be able to upgrade your existing PC to meet your needs. With each HealthCheck we can examine your PC and determine any cost-effective upgrade solutions for you. Of course, with computers getting cheaper all the time it may be better to buy a new one rather than "flogging a dead horse". If this is the case then we will let you know.

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