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Terms & Conditions

nescient it services

Our Guarantee

Terms and Conditions
  1. nescient it services (hereafter nescient) will provide a one-year guarantee for new parts and software media purchased from us. This guarantee is in addition to your statutory rights under current Sale of Goods Law.
  2. The customer must report a problem or a complaint about the repair and/or an installation of new parts as soon as reasonably possible after a visit. This may be done by telephone on (01323) 738 120 or by e-mail to An Engineer will be instructed to visit you to establish the cause of your complaint. nescient do not operate a “No Fix No Fee” policy and therefore our labour is not guaranteed. However, each case is considered on its own merits and if we are at fault, corrective work will be authorised and carried out “free of charge”. If however, the problem is not our responsibility, and beyond our control, the normal hourly fee will be levied to correct the problem.
  3. If after a visit you wish to raise a complaint about our service, you must do so by putting your complaint in writing to: nescient, 37 Victoria Gardens, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN20 8NJ.
  4. For components purchased from nescient under guarantee, we will instruct an engineer to visit you within 7 working days of your call being registered (A same day service is available at the current hourly rate). You must provide proof of purchase during this visit. If, after diagnosis the engineer considers the part we supplied not to be faulty, you will be charged our normal current labour fee. (Please read section 8 for hard drive replacements).
  5. Our guarantee does not cover damage to CD-ROM drawer mechanisms caused by the customer, damage to floppy drives/CD Rom drives by the insertion of foreign objects, or damage caused to printer and modem connection leads. We will only guarantee modem / ISDN / broadband / external devices if they have been fitted with lightning/high voltage surge protector.
  6. Faulty software bought from nescient, must be returned by post for examination, with proof of purchase, as soon as the fault is discovered. Replacements will be sent by return post. Please note that damage to disk surfaces will not be covered. We will send replacement software by return of post.
  7. nescient will install the relevant device driver when replacing a component.
  8. For replacement hard drives under guarantee. nescient will limit our free labour to include installation of the previous operating system and device drivers only, (excluding any external devices or peripherals). Any additional labour will be charged at the current standard rate.

Terms of business

  1. nescient currently charge an hourly fee. A two-hour minimum fee will be incurred for each visit, and subsequent hours or parts thereof for each visit will be charged at the current hourly rate (excluding visits carried out under guarantee which will be within a 7-day period of call registration).
  2. Full payment is required on completion of work and can be made by credit / debit card (via PayPal, details on request), cash or by cheque, (provided it is covered by a valid guarantee card and is up to the card limit only). nescient does not accept payment which is not guaranteed.
  3. nescient will make a charge for Credit card transactions.
  4. If any fees or costs owed by the customer becomes 7 days past due an invoice will be issued incurring a reasonable office charge and interest at the specified interest rate. If any fees or costs owed by the customer becomes 14 days past due nescient will issue a creditor’s notice which will incur (at least) an additional office charge, interest and a cancellation fee of twice the hourly rate. nescient will send the unpaid fees to appropriate agencies and/or courts for debt recovery. The Customer is responsible for all collection fees and dues incurred by agencies and/or courts that are required to collect any amounts that are left owing by customer.
  5. It is the customers' responsibility to provide licensed software and device drivers for all repairs. If you fail to provide proof of ownership, we may be unable to complete a repair although our minimum charge will still apply. Licensed software is available from nescient and can be purchased on the date of visit but is subject to availability. (Prices are available on request).
  6. nescient cannot be responsible for the performance and integrity of any second or third party software and/or services including Internet providers. The customer is responsible for recording Internet account details, passwords, dial up numbers, license keys and any other relevant information when installing programs.
  7. nescient do not repair monitors or printers. A visit involving a faulty monitor or printer will carry the minimum charge. You can purchase replacement monitors and printers from nescient and no additional charge will be made for delivery, Prices are available on request and subject to availability).
  8. Customers are reminded to back-up their data regularly. If files become corrupt during or after a visit nescient cannot be held responsible.
  9. On-site testing only shows the condition of the components at the time of testing. Intermittent faults may need further examination with more sophisticated equipment at our workbench.
  10. In accepting delivery of an invoice, you agree that you have read and have understood our “guarantee” and “terms of business”. You confirm that you are satisfied with the work carried out and have “been demonstrated the system up and running with the original fault removed”. Refusal to accept the Invoice must be notified in writing within 7 days of the invoice date otherwise acceptance is automatically assumed.
  11. nescient, on request, may agree to dispose of unwanted PC's or other components owned by you. nescient has no responsibility thereafter for these goods, and they cannot be returned to you under any circumstances.
  12. If payment is stopped under any circumstances, nescient will apply to the relevant authorities for debt recovery. nescient requires you to follow clause 2 of Our Guarantee, so that in the event of a dispute mutual satisfaction can be achieved.
  13. If the customer wishes to complete a task without a nescient engineer, nescient cannot be held responsible for any subsequent problems.

Your rights to cancel

You must tell us of your intention to cancel an agreement in writing within 7 working days after receipt of new hardware by registered letter e-mail or fax. For services, you may cancel seven working days after the day on which you agreed to go ahead with the agreement, and before the work is started. You must take reasonable care of any goods that are delivered to you and keep all packaging. Your right to cancel does not include goods that are made to your specifications or clearly personalised or the supply of computer software that has been unsealed. Your right to cancel does not include services that you have asked to begin before the end of the seven-day period.

Complaints Procedure

  1. When a complaint is received in line with our guarantee and terms of business the full details will be recorded in our Complaint Log.
  2. A response will be made to the customer within 5 working days.
  3. Where the complaint is of a more complex nature and a response will not be possible within 5 days, the customer will be contacted within 5 working days and advised of this. The customer will be given an indication of how soon a full response will be made.
  4. Where it is not possible for a complaint to be resolved, the customer will be given a clear explanation in writing. The customer will also be given a copy of the Buy With Confidence customer feedback leaflet and advised that they can contact East Sussex Trading Standards Service if they wish to do so.
  5. All actions taken regarding a complaint, including letters, telephone calls and site visits, will be recorded in the Complaint Log.
  6. The Complaint Log will be reviewed on a quarterly basis. Where this highlights a particular problem or pattern this will be investigated and remedial action taken.